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            Project: Doll is an organization that collects dolls and distributes them to kids who will enjoy them. We collect dolls from people around our town and even in other states. We then clean and dress the dolls and make sure they are ready for delivery. We then give the dolls to children who may not have access to toys. Our target age is four to eight years old. The dolls do not have to be a specific brand or type of doll. They do not have to come in perfect condition, but we appreciate it if they are fairly clean and tidy.

            Hi, my name is Hanna. I am fourteen years old and I live in Illinois. I had the idea to start Project: Doll a few years ago. I was inspired by my aunt who volunteered at an orphanage in Vietnam. She told me that one day she decided to take some of the girls at the orphanage to a store. Most of the girls she took had never even been inside of a store before. She let each of them pick something out and bought it for them. Once she got back home, she raised money to get them mattresses. I was reminded of that story while going through my old toys. I realized that I had a lot of old toys that I could give to kids who needed them. Then, I had the idea to start Project: Doll. My goal is to give as many dolls as I can to kids that need them.


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